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Listen: Let you get away, new song of Mikey’s band, Electric Century: Besides this song, »

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Ray Toro announced its new músisa your site: For The Lost And Brave January 01, »

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The band’s former frontman released his debut solo album this year Gerard Way has spoken »

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Assista abaixo o vídeo de FrnkIero AndThe Cellabration do single Joyriding: Assista também ao vídeo de Weighted: »

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(Português) Mini-documentário da gravação do álbum de estréia do My Chemcial Romance, “I Brought You »

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Pete Wentz knew that My Chemical Romance were a band to watch out for from »

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(Português) Lembra da música oculta Blood do álbum The Black Parade? foi feito um vídeo »

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Listen “I Lied” fist single of new band of Mikey Way, Electric Century. »